RIA Alliance Partner British Footwear Association (BFA) share the Visual Toolkit for the period of National Mourning


Message from BFA with the shared government update as follows, with the view to create unity across social media among members, partners and associates: 

Dear All


We have created a visual toolkit for partners, businesses, trade organisations, and the public sector during this time of mourning to show the country speaking with one voice of unity.

Please feel free to display the EIIR cypher on websites, social media profiles, digital screens, and shop windows, wherever possible between now and, more specifically, on the day of the state funeral. 

Please find a link to the tool kit below: 



Q: When are you expecting me to display the cypher? 

A: Any time between now and the state funeral, but precisely from 8 pm Sunday to 9 am Tuesday Morning. 

Q: Is it mandatory that we do this? 

A: No, but it was an ask from the Palace and the household to show unity throughout the country. 

Q: We are closed on Monday? 

A: We are suggesting you might place it where the public will see it i.e. digital screens in the window, on websites, social media. If you have any questions on where to use it, please get in touch. 

Q: Who can we get in touch with? 

A: Email: branding@cabinetoffice.gov.uk 


Check out the BFA RIA Alliance Partner profile here  .