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Welcome to the Running Industry Alliance, an independent national trade organisation built for the UK & Ireland Running Industry

We exist to collectively assist RIA Members to drive the Running Industry forward to improve the Sport and Business of Running by:

  • VISIBILITY: Proactively making sure Running is in and at the forefront of conversations and RIA Members are visible across channels and involved in conversations.
  • GROWTH: Showcasing opportunities across Alliance Partner bridges and with experts linked to other organisations that RIA are creating. Working collaboratively together with a connected approach and a focus on collective growth across the whole running sector and supported thread to and from sectors both in the UK & Ireland and globally.
  • CONNECT: Connecting members together to start conversations and enhancing the narrative through a thriving positive eco-system, creating connectivity and new opportunities through RIA Membership and support.
  • INSIGHTS: Establishing the true value of the Running sector through shared insight and facts supported by an Official Insights Partner of RIA and expert channels.
  • BENEFITS: Delivering purpose-built member benefits, supporting content, facilitating access to educational topics and discussions.
  • SUPPORT: Members supported by RIA experts from the Running Industry and beneficial business, system and educational services. Campaign support with Alliance Partners to create a consistent and amplified voice for Running in sectors that are not normally supported or focussed on.
  • RECRUITMENT: Creating opportunities and accessibility to sectors to retain talent in the industry whilst also nurturing new talent to assist in progressing the sectors.
  • NETWORKING: Creating a network of opportunity through RIA Membership for you, your brand and business. RIA holding the annual members only The Running Conference, an important in person annual conference for the Running Industry to meet, learn and do business together.

We are not here to duplicate work being done in the Running Industry, we are here to connect and enhance the Industry and help develop business relationships, networks and bridges.

We are here to showcase the Running Industry and facilitate closure of any gaps whilst creating strong bridges with experts and networks to other organisations to ensure growth, add value and streamline focus for the Industry through a collective approach.

We are here to support our Running Industry Alliance Members, the Running Industry and connecting Alliance Partnerships

Together we are stronger
Together we will grow
Together we break down barriers
Together we are heard as an amplified voice
Together we advance the sector
Together we are Running Industry Alliance

We have created an FAQ section below to make is easy to answer any questions you may have about RIA. If there is a question that is not answered here please email membership with your question. We will add to the FAQ on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RIA?

Running Industry Alliance (RIA) is an independent national trade organisation built for the UK & Ireland Running Industry. Running Industry Alliance exists to collectively assist RIA Members to drive the Running Industry forward to improve the Sport and Business of Running and supporting RIA Members.

Get in touch to discuss your business being involved with RIA and supporting the industry together, head to the membership tab to contact RIA today

What does RIA do?

RIA helps to bring together various sectors of the Running Industry into a connected and continual conversation to galvanise, energise and align the Running Industry creating an amplified voice, driving focus and purpose through a thriving community and eco-system. RIA provides its members with purpose built benefits, Industry connectivity along with the annual The Running Conference #TRC for its members and the Running Industry to meet in person.

Get in touch to discuss your business being involved with RIA and supporting the industry together, head to the membership tab to contact RIA today

What is RIA structure?

RIA Structure is:

  • A focus on a UK & Ireland approach
  • Operates a 12 month Membership
  • Members can join at any time and the 12 months commence from acceptance of membership application form and issue of the membership invoice
  • RIA hold an annual The Running Conference for RIA members
  • The Alliance Board is an integral part of RIA, a collective hundreds of years Running and Sport experience between all Alliance Board Members, announcements at #TRC22
  • Alliance Partners, we have announced some of the strategic and expert driven RIA partnerships confirmed and agreed so far
  • The Retailer Action Group and Brand Action Group details will be announced at #TRC22
  • #RunItForward Initiative is available for members to gift membership to new members, please contact one of the RIA Team to discuss this further
  • RIA actively supports the Running Retail Audit.

Get in touch, join Running Industry Alliance and become a member today to support yourself, your business and the Running Industry (B2B).

What does RIA offer?

RIA offers its Members to be part of an independent trade organisation for the UK & Ireland Running Industry. RIA provides many Members benefits which include purpose built benefits, Industry connectivity, collaboration, support and conversation inclusion, along with access to the annual The Running Conference.

Get in touch to discuss your business being involved with RIA and supporting the industry together, head to the membership tab to contact RIA today

Who is RIA built for?

Running Industry Alliance members range from all levels of brands and retailers to independent companies, services and specialists working in the Running Industry

  • RIA membership reflects the wide diversity of the Running Industry business collective in the UK & Ireland
  • RIA is also the connecting bridge for the Running Industry business collective wanting to work with RIA Members in the UK & Ireland. We have many Members from the USA join us for example to engage with UK & Ireland Members
  • RIA is for existing and new brands entering the Running Industry
  • RIA drive connectivity whilst sharing Running Industry opportunities within the group eco-system, climate and economy to work together to amplify and continue the drive forward the industry as a whole
  • Creating new opportunities that have not been seen as possible before or too time-consuming, RIA does the heavy lifting, filtering information into bite-sizes pieces and showcasing members
  • RIA drives conversations that need to be had, whether highlighting by topics, championing vision as a collective, utilising expertise with the group to share best practice, connecting together to be the drivers of change and support the future of running industry as an alliance
  • RIA believes in building not dividing, a new way to unite, meet, discuss, work together through an alliance network with a supported structure and experienced RIA Team
  • RIA comprises of sector opportunities for Retailers, Brands, Distributors, Events and Event Organisers, Charities, Buying Groups, Communities, Businesses and Services for the Sector, NGO’s and Trade Membership Bodies (across sectors with Running connectivity), Expos, Shows, Conferences and Awards, Press and Media (print and online), Business and Service Providers for the sector and more, all connected through the Running Industry and Alliance and a continual thread of Running

Get in touch to discuss your business being involved with RIA and supporting the industry together, head to the membership tab to contact RIA today

RIA Member benefits?

There are a wide variety of member benefits for being part of RIA, top line benefit headlines include:

  • 12 months access to the Running Industry Alliance as a member, from the point your membership application is accepted and invoice process is completed
  • Members logo, url link and about featured on the RIA website in the members section with additional benefits
  • Being part of an Alliance that is dedicated to and for the Running Industry, built for purpose
  • Members are open to discuss their next 12 month focusses with one the RIA Team so that additional opportunities can be discussed together
  • Monthly running related business news submission, that will be featured across RIA channels
  • Member content promotion that can include:
    • Launches / Celebrations
    • Offers
    • Sponsorship call out / availability
    • Volunteering opportunities
    • Recruitment sharing within and for the Industry
    • Member to member offers
    • Calls outs
    • Fast connection to fellow Members (if both parties agree to be introduced)
  • Access to the new Running Industry Alliance podcast, covering essential news and happenings in the Industry
  • Opportunities to feature Member content that is an insightful, case study or inspiring content for the Member community via Member News
  • Zoom “RIA Sessions” that are a mix of general Running Industry information, specific sector information and education, member and partner sessions
  • Helping our Members to achieve their goals and add value by supporting business related content, supplied by Members to RIA
  • Special rates for member only services that will be released monthly in RIA Member exclusive newsletter
  • Exclusive access to RIA created member services with partners, built for purpose and to benefit RIA members and the Running Industry
  • Additional benefits will be added and released across the 12 months membership and curated from member feedback
  • Your annual membership includes access to the member only “The Running Conference”, one person access is included
  • Membership is £750 (plus VAT) for 12 months membership which includes one person access to The Running Conference 2022 #TRC22

Additional benefits are available for at The Running Conference – THE RIA Member Running Industry must attend annual event!

Get in touch to discuss your business being involved with RIA and supporting the industry together, head to the membership tab to contact RIA today

What is The Running Conference?

The Running Conference is built for all Running Industry Alliance Members and features Running Industry specific curated content. It is a not-for-profit Conference and Members of the Running Industry Alliance have a one person access pass to the conference included in their annual Membership (full RIA Membership). You must be a Member of the Running Industry Alliance to be able to attend this annual event.

This is an absolute must attend event for anyone in the Running Industry and sector.

If you are not a RIA Member please visit the RIA Membership to apply today.

Membership price and options

2022: RIA Membership is not-for-profit and is set at £750 (plus VAT) for 12 months membership (for all members and sectors) which includes one person access to The Running Conference (2022)

If a Member does not wish to access The Running Conference it is £495 (plus VAT) for 12 months RIA Membership only without TRC access

RIA Membership starts from acceptance of application and invoice raising and continues for 12 months from that point onwards and is renewed on an annual basis

RIA Membership invoices can be paid for via BACS, direct debit, credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay payments online. All payments are plus VAT

RIA Membership must be applied for and approved by the RIA. Application form is on the membership page

2023: RIA Membership from the 1st October 2022 onwards will include one pass to The Running Conference #TRC

Running Industry Alliance


Company Address – Running Industry Alliance, Colony Piccadilly, 5 Piccadilly Place, Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3BR

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