GoodGym: Shindig 2024 report – 5 things GoodGym will do this year

60 second summary

Every year, GoodGymers from across the UK book out an entire hostel and wave goodbye to their usually Saturday/Sunday of good deeds. Instead, we review the past 12 months, meet and learn from one another, and make plans on how to do better in our areas next year.

2024 was no different, containing 9 group discussions from growth and sustainability to how we better protect the environment. As a result we’ve had no shortage of ideas of next years business plan.

5 things GoodGym will do in the next year.

  1. An order of jackets and caps to arrive in Winter 2024 for sale to members.
  2. Work with members to improve the message on donations.
  3. Starting 10-20 new areas under the community-led model – some of these will be within current areas.
  4. Improve the TaskForce, AA, and session leader dashboard to make the process of listing a session easier.
  5. Focus on hyper-local GoodGym areas and activities to encourage active travel to tasks.

These are 5 things GoodGym will work tirelessly to achieve. Many more ideas from Shindig have been included in the 24/25 business plan.

Click here to read the Shindig Report for a more indepth look.

What happened at Shindig 2024?

We shared how the last year has been going, despite some challenges there has been plenty to celebrate. We’ve had some amazing results from our evaluation with LSE and we’ve also had success with supporting Southampton and Nottingham as community led areas, with a brilliant combined good deeds total of 1,116 since they began. We continue to invest as many resources as possible into growing GoodGym, for both new and existing areas. To support next year’s business planning we held a range of exciting discussions including one on growth and sustainability. We also had important discussions about our marketing, the diversity of GoodGym, and the environment.

Central Team and GoodGymers teamed up to deliver 9 discussion groups.

  • Tech
  • Growth & sustainability
  • Social visits
  • Environment
  • Community-led areas
  • Comms & social media
  • TaskForce support and growth
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Funding and income generation

With a tidal wave of ideas coming from each session it was impossible not to feel the energy and will for GoodGym to do well. Events such as Shindig highlight just how important it is that GoodGymers continue to connect, share ideas, and invest in the future. With that in mind, appreciation is in order to everyone who contributed to Shindig 2024. Especially to the discussion group and run leaders, quiz masters and parkrun organisers who kept the show on the road and firing on all cylinders throughout.

A full report has been published detailing notes from each discussion group and more. A fraction of the ideas we hope to bring to action have been listed above – if you’re looking for ways to make your GoodGym area more successful, this is the place to start.

Check out the GoodGym RIA Member profile here  .