Every Run Counts: A new motivational platform to keep you running

A new, free, fun to use platform has been launched that celebrates all the running and walking we do. Sadly 90% of people quit regular exercise because of the pressure they put themselves under. Every Run Counts looks at things differently. It celebrates how much you’ve done and not what you’re planning to do. It also benefits other organisations that champion the great outdoors as well as charities.

Designed by runners and walkers the platform is full of engaging ways to keep us all motivated. Whether a seasoned runner or a newbie, there is something for everyone because it’s simply about taking part. Activity is recorded daily. Wearable and smartphone devices can be connected to the platform, so every step counts. The distance travelled is then visualised through virtual journeys across the UK.

Since the pandemic, there has been a decline in people attending running and walking events. This is something Every Run Counts wants to change. The platform users have already created the largest peer-to-peer event listing in the UK, a testament to the community that has been built. Thousands of events are listed, and you are rewarded for attending either as a runner or a volunteer.

The platform virtual currency called RunCoin®, nothing like cryptocurrency, is used as a reward mechanism. These can be earned simply by recording your daily activity whilst supporting the running community and other members on the platform.

Every month £10,000 of prizes are up for grabs for the prize game winners, and this includes paid entrance to events. Members can also encourage each other by gifting them RunCoin®. They receive a special allowance for the sole purpose to motivate their fellow members.

One of the Founders of Every Run Counts, Jeff Hunt, explains how this platform came to be launched.

“I had suffered a severe nervous breakdown whilst working in the corporate world. As part of my recovery process, I rediscovered my passion for running and walking. This helped me reconnect with being outdoors and it made a huge difference to my mental well-being.

“I met with like-minded individuals who felt the same, wanting to get outside when they could. The principle for Every Run Counts was to reward the fact exercise is good no matter how much or little you do. And most important, it’s about how you feel not how you compare to others.”

Donating to one of our partner charities is a feature that is soon to be launched. Our initial partner charities will be GoodGym, The Running Charity, Campaign for National Parks and Woodland Trust. Members can choose to donate and Every Run Counts will convert the RunCoin® into real money.

Check out the Every Run Counts RIA Foundation Member profile here  .