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EventEntry was created by event organisers for like-minded Race Directors – we know, we understand – because we do it ourselves!

EventEntry makes online entry and event registration simple, quick & hassle free – without the clutter of intrusive advertisements or pushy sales reps!

Our streamlined approach offers significant added value to each event – with complete control via our in-house developed powerful Event Director portal. The portal provides customised event management in real-time across all events and entrant registration data, including pricing, images, discounts, promotions, point of entry merchandise sales and more.

Gone are the days of handling transfer requests manually – entrants can transfer their entry themselves – dramatically reducing event management and ultimately saving organisers time & money!

EventEntry doesn’t require entrants to pre-register either, after all, the entry IS the registration! Entrants are able to enter multiple events at the same time and pay just once. Online shopping does that, so why not online registration – it seems obvious to us!

After we’ve setup your first event, from that point forwards, you can self-administer every aspect using our secure Organiser Portal – including creating new events.

EventEntry is totally free to setup, with transparent & all-inclusive service charges based simply upon entry price. Nothing is hidden or buried away in small print, there are no additional payment processing charges and there is no VAT.

We have no minimum contract terms, no minimum number of entries – we’re inclusive, not restrictive!

And if you’re looking to host a wholly free event, fun-run / sports day or other free-to-attend event, then you can benefit from all the great features of EventEntry – for free!



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Email: membership@runningindustryalliance.com

Company Address – Running Industry Alliance, Colony Piccadilly, 5 Piccadilly Place, Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3BR

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