Dive into the stories and emotions of the men and women of the UTMB

In 2023, UTMB® is celebrating its 20-year anniversary and to honour the occasion and the event’s ascent to World Trail Summit, UTMB Group is launching ‘UTMB – 20 years of passion’, a new podcast that will explore the history of the iconic race through immersive and wide-ranging interviews. Each episode of ‘UTMB – 20 years of passion’ will feature a UTMB runner’s story ranging from the competitors who have made history to the newcomers to the discipline, plus the founders, volunteers, and partners – everyone has a story about an exceptional or emotional moment that lives long in the memory.

Races that have become the stuff of legend, buried memories, little-known experiences – host Mathilde Laisney will revisit the moments that have created the myth. Through the eyes and experiences of her guests, listeners will discover how the UTMB has established itself as a world-class sporting event.

The ‘UTMB – 20 years of passion’ podcast is more than just a look in the rear-view mirror and a snapshot of what the UTMB stands for today. It is, above all, a portal to the challenges and projects that await the race, the community and trail running in general. Created in 2003, over the past two decades UTMB has become an unmissable event for trail runners from all over the world. Every year, thousands of runners come to tackle the 171 kilometres and 10,000 metres of ascent that this unique race offers across France, Italy and Switzerland. In addition to being a sporting event, the UTMB also offers participants an opportunity to discover the beauty of the Alps and to share in the excitement of the trail-running community.

‘UTMB – 20 years of passion’ is aimed at all those who are passionate about trail running and sport, as well as those who want to discover the discipline and the history of this exceptional adventure. The first episode of ‘UTMB – 20 years of passion’ has been available since 10 July 2023 on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Deezer.



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