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Skyrunning UK is the home of Skyrunning in the UK. We exist to create a platform for all sky races in the UK and Ireland to benefit from, hosting a Skyrunner National Series to help consolidate and develop the sport of Skyrunning in the UK.

Skyrunning in the UK has its own unique history, slightly separate from Europe with the roots of skyrunning around the world cited as the start of the Ben Nevis Hill Race in 1905. Separate to Europe, UK & Irish runners throughout the years have set mountain/sky challenges like the Bob Graham, Charlie Ramsay, Paddy Buckley, Wicklow and Denis Rankin Rounds. The Cuillin Ridge Record and traverse is one of the most technical challenges not only in the UK but the world.

Skyrunning is synonymous with fell race classics such as the Borrowdale, Ennerdale, Wasdale and other classic long fell races and with the development of Skyline Scotland, Lake District Sky Trails, Apex Running and Excel Sports in Ireland, the UK had a devoted and growing following for this niche discipline of running and racing the most technical lines possible.

Skyrunning UK is 100% committed to the development of youth skyrunners and the youth teams are the future of the sport.


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