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SixPack Events was born out of Covid and is quite literally a business that is going places!

Back in 2020, a new style of running challenge was promoted in Milton Keynes. Not only did it prove popular with runners desperate for some post-lockdown running action, it caught the attention of some colleagues who decided to set up a business and roll out the initiative further afield.

SixPack Events now promotes the SixPack Challenge, offering a totally unique and contemporary marathon running challenge.

The challenge requires participants to complete six rewarding off-road routes, typically varying between 5K and 10K in length. The routes may be completed in any order and at whatever pace the participant wants. They have six months within which to complete the challenge, before receiving their medal, with location specific ribbon, reward.

But what really makes the challenge so different is the use of customised audio navigation that ensures accuracy and safety for all, especially those who, hitherto, feared getting lost when running off-road.

The challenge takes advantage of the free Rungo app and allows for fully customised navigational instructions and messaging, all created, crafted and checked by SixPack Events.

Participants access the routes, mapping and all audio instructions from their phones. Simplicity itself.

In a short space of time, SixPack Events have opened up a whole new world of running “sat-nav” discovery for thousands of typically road-bound runners, many of whom are now discovering places on their doorstep that they never knew existed.

During 2023 the brand will have over 40 challenges operating within Great Britain and offers an attractive “local operator” business model for regional trail running connoisseurs eager to create new challenges.

Going forwards the business is targeting a UK-wide network of routes and challenges.



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