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Sustainable business ethos and leadership is the way forward. Run Legacy is created with this strategy at its core.

Run Legacy is a brand and sales management agency based in the UK. Their core pillars of Sustainable | Performance | Lifestyle, set them apart from other agents and distributors in the UK market. They believe in creating a more sustainable running and sporting goods market through their own actions and those of the brands they work with.

Given the background across both retail and brand in the running industry, Run Legacy offers a range of services from full brand management to consulting on specific projects brands and retailers require. Their focus on sustainability and understanding of sustainable leadership provides clear alignment with sustainable brands and those that are embarking on a journey towards sustainability.

Run Legacy was created by CEO Ben Lee, understanding that the future of the industry he has been in for over 16 years lies in creating more sustainable markets and new ways of businesses and brands operating. He has set out to bring greater transparency, sustainability and collaboration to the running industry.

Go to for more information and view the brands Run Legacy are currently working with and follow us on Run Legacy LinkedIn.

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Company Address – Running Industry Alliance, Colony Piccadilly, 5 Piccadilly Place, Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3BR

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