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At RIF Group, we provide a professional, flexible service and a global network designed specifically for today’s international marketplace, we help our clients stay one step ahead of the competition.

We excel in global transportation and logistics, offering cutting-edge facilities and technology to support businesses with complex needs, ensuring seamless cargo movement.

We’re committed to ‘putting our customers first’. By continually investing in our infrastructure, we stay ahead of global economic and industrial changes so that we continue to offer the right services to clients when they need them.

RIF Group has grown over the last two decades to become multiple branches working together to provide the best service/solutions for our clients.

RIF Worldwide Plc is our freight forwarding division where we support our customers’ global operations through reliably and efficiently transporting goods by sea, air, road and rail including cross trade and complex supply chain requirements.

RIF Logistics Ltd specialises in providing multi-channel warehousing and distribution services to a range of industries through a specialised customs warehouse approved multi-user facility.

Next, we have RIF Europe B.V., we provide global transport services to importers and exporters throughout Europe, and operate specialist logistics services from our facilities in the Netherlands.

Finally, we have RIF Logistics AU Pty Ltd, our most recently acquired logistics facility based in Australia.

By adding the fantastic new territory of Australia into our network, we now offer even more choice and opportunity than ever before.

With our network and support you can now do business anywhere around the world.

We work alongside governments, organisations and other related associations and businesses to encourage, develop, protect, prepare and promote our members for a long-term sustainable and profitable future.




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