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My Next Match is a cutting-edge digital solution engineered to streamline sports administration, empowering a seamless experience for sports organizations, federations, leagues, clubs, technical officials, coaches, athletes, and fans alike.

Key Highlights:

Global Partnership Network: With a presence spanning 80+ countries, My Next Match is the proven data solution poised to drive the next evolution in sports.

Expertly Developed: Crafted by industry specialists with over 6 decades of combined experience in competing, coaching, and managing amateur and professional sports.

Holistic IT Partner: Offering a full spectrum of services including integration support, technical assistance, and tailor-made developments for every partner.

Constant Evolution: Continuously enhancing to deliver innovative tools that redefine streamlined administration for valued partners.

Empowering Event Management:

My Next Match transforms event management into an effortless endeavor. Equip organizers with a wealth of tools for registrations, scheduling, assignments, result entries, medical clearance, and rankings. Federations, leagues, and sports organizations can efficiently track member development and educational progression.

Revolutionary Medicard:

Architected by Olympic Doctors, the MediCard establishes seamless communication between medical professionals, sports organisations, and athletes. Securely preserving sensitive medical information to ensure data longevity.

Effortless Membership Management:

Federations, leagues, clubs and other sports organizations effortlessly create personalized sport specific membership hierarchies – from international to a local club level.

Integrated Payment Module:

A seamless integrated payment system establishes a transparent financial trail, an essential feature as sports organizations face increasing scrutiny.

Maximize revenue potential through an adaptive payment structure. My Next Match’s integrated payment module facilitates seamless processing of fees, whether it’s for membership, races, tournaments, events, courses, or progressions – from club to international sport organization levels.

Embrace the future of sports administration with My Next Match. Experience the transformation first hand – together, we shape the future of sports management.



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Email: membership@runningindustryalliance.com

Company Address – Running Industry Alliance, Colony Piccadilly, 5 Piccadilly Place, Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3BR

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