RIA Member – Muscle Mechanics

Creators of natural handcrafted Muscle Mechanics Body Repair Kits.
Focused on assisting any active lifestyle that can place the body under stress. 
Combining 17 years knowledge of Aromatherapy and Physical Therapy to soothe and recover the physiological systems of the muscle network. 

Our Award-Winning Balms are designed to work across certain aspects. Muscle Circulation, tendon inflammation, pain managment, restlessness and relaxation. Using our research of the muscle network and the response to pain. Our formulas have been tested by many runners with great results.

Winners of Product of The Year Award at The Business Success recognition Awards 2023 and Pride of Bracknell Forest Young Persons Award 2023 for contribution to raising Awareness of living with a brain tumour.

Muscle Mechanics Kimberley Shamtally is now a finalist in The Thames Valley Business Awards 2024 in the Innovation of The Year category. More Recently Kimberley became recognised as one of the top 100 female founders of f: Entrepreneur a national campaign to highlight the amazing businesses built and run by Women in 2024. 

Please contact for further information or to meet with the links below. A personal Just Giving Link is below if you want to be support #TEAMJENSON





Email: info@muscle-mechanics.com or call (+44) 07521 359971

Running Industry Alliance

Email: membership@runningindustryalliance.com

Company Address – Running Industry Alliance, Colony Piccadilly, 5 Piccadilly Place, Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3BR

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