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Miles Marketing: Your Strategic Partner in Marketing Success

Miles Marketing is a boutique consultancy dedicated to helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) achieve remarkable growth through strategic marketing solutions. With over 30 years of industry experience, we specialise in crafting tailored marketing strategies that seamlessly integrate traditional and digital tactics.

Our Services:

Outsourced Marketing Services:

Acting as your marketing department, we manage all aspects of your marketing plan—from strategy development to execution. Our services include content creation, social media management, email marketing, SEO, and more. We ensure you receive the expertise of a full-fledged marketing team without the overhead costs, delivering measurable results that drive business growth.

Bite-Size Marketing Products:

Designed for businesses seeking targeted, affordable solutions, our Bite-Size products include:

90-Minute Marketing Plan: An intensive session to develop a personalised marketing strategy.

Unlimited Marketing Coaching: Ongoing support to keep your marketing efforts on track.

Bite-Size LinkedIn: Training sessions to maximise your LinkedIn presence.

Bite-Size Social Media: Comprehensive social media management and content creation.

Bite-Size Strategy: Detailed, actionable marketing plans.

Bite-Size Brand: Development of your brand identity and guidelines.

Bite-Size Culture: Enhancing internal communication and team engagement.

Bite-Size Customers: Effective target market identification and engagement.

Bite-Size Blogs: SEO-rich content creation to boost organic traffic.

Bite-Size Coach: Focused coaching sessions for specific marketing challenges.

Bespoke Marketing Projects:

Tailored solutions for unique marketing needs, including brand strategy development, social media campaigns, content marketing, website optimisation, email marketing campaigns, paid advertising, influencer marketing, event marketing, market research, and lead generation.

Why Choose Miles Marketing?

Expertise: Decades of experience in both digital and traditional marketing.

Personalised Service: Limited client base for dedicated attention and customised solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Flexible and scalable services for businesses of all sizes.

Proven Results: Strategies designed to deliver measurable outcomes.


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Company Address – Running Industry Alliance, Colony Piccadilly, 5 Piccadilly Place, Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3BR

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