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mika:timing is one of the leading providers in the mass participant industry when it comes to timing & results. The founder Harald Mika and his team have been focusing for more than 30 years on best-in-class computerized timing and scoring solutions. Harald wrote his first scoring software in 1987 on an Apple 2e that his school had lent him during the summer vacations. That was the year he founded his first company. Over the years he built mika:timing into one of the industry’s leading timing and scoring IT services companies.

Core members of mika:timing have a strong background in software development. This foundation is where they built their battle-tested software suite, SportsPro, for timing and scoring events. Through the years, the team gained extensive experience working with the world’s leading timing hardware from such vendors as Chronotrack, MyLaps and RACE RESULT, all fully supported by SportsPro. The company has expanded to become a specialized IT services firm focused on innovative data-driven solutions for today’s leading competitive events. Their impressive list of services and tools support events in the critical areas of online registration, participant management, expo and packet pickup, on demand liveprint of bibs, timing and scoring and liveresults on the web. Further, they have unique solutions to share real-time race data with their clients’ third-party vendors through comprehensive APIs, TV-graphics and custom mobile apps complete with GPS tracking and in-app purchases.

mika:timing is a team of enthusiasts passionate about providing high-quality race services and introducing new industry-leading standards. With a strong focus on project management and in-house software development, mika:timing delivers high-quality customized solutions for races.

With its headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, mika:timing is today a global company working together with high profile events all around the world.


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