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Launched in 2014, Like the Wind is an independent magazine that celebrates running culture and the reasons we run, through long form storytelling and arresting images. We believe that running and stories go hand-in-hand. From breathlessly recounting something that happened on a single run to exploring the motivation that keeps someone lacing up their trainers for decades and from tackling social issues through the lens of running to exploring the history of the sport, it is through words and pictures that we can share in the aspects of running that creates community.

Like the Wind is about savouring the moment. We believe that in our digital lives, there is a place for an ink-on-paper magazine that is written, designed and printed with care. In that sense, LtW reflects the subject that we explore through the stories we tell. Because running – at its core – is an analogue activity. That is not to say that we reject all things digital – far from it. We just strongly believe there is space for both.

Like the Wind is a global title. We have subscribers in 40 countries and in 2023 we launched LtW Japan – the first of several regional editions that we have in the pipeline. As an organisation dedicated to telling stories about running, we have a network of hundreds of writers, editors, project managers, photographers and illustrators which means we are also able to help brands and organisations tell their stories to runners in engaging and authentic ways.

We’re all about stories and the idea – printed on the front cover of a decade of issues – that ‘it’s why we run’ that counts.


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