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We are a Swiss-based technology company and the leading provider of instant personalised video solutions for the sports industry. We transform memorable live moments into instantly shareable, emotion-driven videos. We are a video software solution that delivers unforgettable experiences.

We understand global needs and big numbers as we are currently active in more than 28 countries across the world with a dynamic portfolio of multinational partner companies, top brands, and leading event organisers.

During the past year, we’ve produced +30 million Mio videos around the world and reached industry records with a 524% email opening rate. We are able to render and publish video files of 500MB in less than 4 seconds, thus counting almost 9 million video minutes shared until now, from an array of sports and endurance competitions and events: from the biggest urban marathons, triathlons, to ultra marathons, skiing competitions and many more.

We play our part and we are constantly improving our solution to drive change and momentum for the entire sports industry. This year, the production and delivery of videos reached an all time fast record-breaking time of 5 minutes after the finish line.

Our innovative video capturing technology pushes the transformation for the entire field of endurance sports. Performance, along with premium, fast execution, is central to our solution. Generating quality potential leads for our partners has become a tradition especially in long-term collaborations. Sustainability is also a key priority for us, as our videos enhance the full digitization of an event experience while decreasing the carbon footprint.

We are now trusted by leading names in the sports and endurance field: ASICS, Data Sport, Intersport, Generali, Migros, B2RUN, and many more. And recognised throughout the UK with several awards, such as the Sports Technology Award – London (2021) for “Most Innovative Sports Partnership” together with ASICS.





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