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At Great Run, we create phenomenal running events – the kind of once-in-a-lifetime experiences you never forget. 

We started all the way back in 1981 with the Great North Run; the event instantly became the UK’s biggest mass participation event and it’s now the world’s biggest Half Marathon.  That first incredible event sparked a fire and in the four decades since we have grown into a national series of Run & Swim events with over 4 million participants.

We bring cities to life on event weekends.  Each event has its own iconic history and legendary details, from oggy-oggy-oggy at the Great North Run, to bagpipers at every mile of the Great Scottish Run and running past HMS Victory at the Great South Run.  The atmosphere is electric, and the best place to soak it up is on the start line.

We welcome everyone, from professional athletes and wheelchair elites to dashing toddlers and Sunday joggers.  Whether you’re raising cash for a worthy cause or chasing a finisher medal, we just want you to be part of the magic.

We inspire people to get active, smash goals and to surprise themselves.  We know there’s nothing like that finish line feeling, and we support our runners every step of the way to get there.

Together, we raise millions of pounds for charity every year.  The sight of thousands of runners bearing the names of loved ones and worthy causes has become one of our favourite Great Run institutions.

We’re proud of our incredible legacy but we’re not resting on our laurels.  Every year, we push ourselves to make the Great Run experience bigger and better, be it live music, incredible entertainment zones or the finisher rewards.  It’s what keeps our satisfaction rates at 99%+ and runners coming back year after year.

We are Great Run and we believe in the power of running to benefit physical and mental health.



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