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Friday& is a venture studio who have a collaborative approach and use their deep experience to build and develop the best in class consumer brands. Friday& is about creating legacy rather than short lived success.

Friday& is committed to DESIGNING, BUILDING and INVESTING in category defining brands that captivate their communities.

Our mission goes beyond business ventures; we are driven by the pursuit of excellence, the quest for meaningful connections, and the desire to shape the way people experience and interact with products.

With an unwavering focus on innovation, quality, and customer-centricity, Friday& aims to disrupt traditional industries and redefine what it means to be a consumer brand in the 21st century.

We combine our expertise in brand strategy, design, marketing, and technology with a unique investment model that nurtures and supports the growth of our portfolio companies. From initial concept development to scalable market execution, Friday& provides a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs and emerging talent.





Running Industry Alliance

Email: membership@runningindustryalliance.com

Company Address – Running Industry Alliance, Colony Piccadilly, 5 Piccadilly Place, Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3BR

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