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Introducing Compare Charity Market (CCM), a ground-breaking platform set to launch in 2024, dedicated to revolutionising the landscape of charitable fundraising. Our innovative website aims to empower global charities by providing a unique space for them to compare and maximise fundraising efforts through exciting events and challenges that span the globe.

At CCM, we understand the challenges that charities face in reaching their fundraising goals. That’s why we’ve created a platform that goes beyond traditional fundraising methods, offering a dynamic and engaging approach to philanthropy. By harnessing the power of events and challenges, we aim to inspire a new era of giving where individuals and organisations can come together to make a lasting impact on global causes.

Our platform will act as a central hub, connecting charities with a diverse range of events and challenges tailored to their specific causes. Whether it’s a marathon, a cycling race, or a community-driven challenge, CCM provides a comprehensive marketplace for charities to showcase their initiatives and attract enthusiastic supporters. We believe that by fostering a sense of community and competition, we can elevate the fundraising experience and drive donations to unprecedented levels.

The user-friendly interface of CCM will make it easy for both charities and participants to navigate, ensuring a seamless experience from registration to fundraising tracking and reporting. Charities will benefit from increased visibility, expanded reach, and the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with a global audience. Meanwhile, participants will discover a wealth of exciting challenges that allow them to contribute to causes they are passionate about while enjoying a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

CCM is poised to reshape the way we approach fundraising, bringing together charities and supporters in a dynamic and impactful way.

Join us in making a difference on a global scale – because together, we can achieve more.



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