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The Carnegie School of Sport is one of the largest providers of sports courses in UK higher education. We cover everything related to sports, from performance science to coaching techniques, and cover the sport as a global dynamic marketplace. We are preparing the future sporting workforce to harness the potential of sport to transform lives and unite communities.

We’re one of the most active and renowned sports research universities in the UK, collaborating regionally, nationally and globally on issues such as inequality, accessibility, the science of performance, and the social and mental benefits of physical activity. Our research centres work with colleagues and partners to answer some of sport’s biggest challenges, improving policy and practice.

A key aspect of our knowledge exchange activities is providing sport science support services through our ‘health and performance hub’. We have a long history of supporting athletes in preparation for various competitions, including the Olympic Games and World Championships across different sports. By combining our strengths as researchers and educators with our expertise as applied scientists, we offer exceptional services to both recreational and elite athletes. Our state-of-the-art £45 million Carnegie School of Sport building boasts cutting-edge performance spaces and laboratories that enable us to provide the best possible facilities to our clients.

We aim to make a difference in and through sport.

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