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Camino Ultra – Elevating London’s Ultra and Trail Running Experience

Camino Ultra was founded in 2018 by three passionate (EAST) London-based ultra runners: Paula Bedford, Darren Strachan and David Bone. After spending over a decade running ultramarathons worldwide, they dreamed of bringing world-class events to their home city. Our vision was simple: create opportunities for runners to stay local, reducing the environmental impact of travelling to races while experiencing events ‘we would want to run in’.

We’re all about inclusivity and we’ve learnt valuable lessons – through partnerships with Black Trail Runners, Runderbolts and many others. We want everyone to feel welcome at our events, no matter their experience level. That’s why we have generous cut-off times and offer group workshops (Forest Fridays and Pick Up a Coffee Runner)  and events (Camino Greenways/Blueways/EcoTrails) to help less experienced runners get comfortable with the trails.

London is a huge part of our DNA.

We recognise that (post pandemic) many of our running and business friends live remote to the city and we can fulfill a unique role where our hyper focus can remain in their lives/businesses even if they only come and visit infrequently.

The landscape is changing.

Running clubs are being replaced by Running Crews and new Running Crews created rather than OGs. Camino offer a unique position to sit in a space that all of these can gravitate towards. We help them succeed in their space – typically in short distance arena – they know we are there to guide them from early-stage ultramarathons through to epic multi-day adventures.

Community is the heartbeat of Camino Ultra. We cultivate a warm, inclusive atmosphere where runners can share their stories, celebrate milestones, and support each other. Our events and training sessions are more than just running; they’re about building friendships and a support network that lasts well beyond race day.

At the core of everything is our training and coaching/mentorship services tailored to individual needs. Camino uniquely coaches as a team and this carries throughout the heart of everything that you will experience with us.

Camino Ultra Events & Races: 

05 Oct 2024: London Epping Forest 50 KM 2024

05 Oct 2024: London EcoTrail 25 KM 2024

29 Mar 2025: London Lea Valley Ultra 2025

29 Mar 2025: Gratitude 25KM 2025



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