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Ded­i­cat­ed to devel­op­ing pro­tec­tive skin­care products.

Born under the Cal­i­for­nia sun, made to keep you active.
Since 1996.

Born under the Cal­i­for­nia sun, Body Glide® orig­i­nal for­mu­la was made to shoot the curl with glo­ri­ous aban­don, run beach­es and bike coasts, climb moun­tains and hike deep into forests. To do what­ev­er we want­ed – for a moment of freedom.

Since our begin­nings in 1996, Body Glide® prod­ucts have gained a loy­al fol­low­ing with ath­letes to keep their skin pro­tect­ed and their per­for­mance secured. It soon became clear that the first Body Glide® balm wasn’t just for a select few: it was for every one of us who wants to be active. From surf­ing to the sim­ple act of play­ing with our kids, Body Glide®balms help us all to be active and inspires us to walk a block, hike a trail, climb a hill, swim an ocean — to keep us going near and far, and to ride the wave of life free of fear, free of pain, and free to be the brave hero we want to be.

So remind your­self of what you already know: No Waves, No Glo­ry. You are the one you are wait­ing for.

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