ASICS launches the new Celebration of Sport collection, designed to spread positivity and brighten the mood of the world through movement.

ASICS has launched its new Celebration of Sport collection, designed to spread positivity and lift the mood of the world through movement. The cross-categorial capsule collection features running, core performance sports and SportStyle products, all released in a distinct yellow colorway that is associated with optimism and hope to inspire more people to move for body and mind.

The product range includes the SUPERBLAST™ 2 running shoe, the METARISE™ 2 volleyball shoe, GEL-QUANTUM 360™ VIII SportStyle shoe, and many others. The collection is designed to inspire everyone to lace up their shoes and start moving. The uplifting feeling you get from moving with ASICS is open to all who enjoy moving their body.

Laura Bolgen, Director of Product Management Department, Performance Running Footwear says: “At ASICS, we believe in the transformative power of movement to uplift moods and minds. It’s why we were founded and why we’re called ASICS which is a Latin acronym that translates to ‘a Sound Mind in a Sound Body’. With the new Celebration of Sport collection, you can experience a sense of uplift and positivity as you move your body. You elevate your mood and spread positive energy to those around you.

As we witness outstanding performances this summer, we are reminded of the incredible power of sports to uplift spirits and unite people around the world. From the world’s best to those just getting started, we’re all connected by the amazing impact movement has on the mind. So, let’s all lace up and celebrate the power of sport together.”

The Celebration of Sport collection is available for purchase now.

To find out more about the products, please visit asics.com.

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