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The Retail Institute is one of the UK’s leading academic research centres for providing applied knowledge on the future of consumer experiences in retail, food and packaging. We offer independent research and a practical knowledge base informed by years of industry experience and a diverse network of experts.

One of our main aims is to bring current academic knowledge to the business community. Innovations and insights from scholarly research help to provide alternative perspectives that are based on high quality scientific evidence. This quality of information generates foundations for strategic thinking and effective action, bringing intelligence to the business world.

Our bespoke research projects have investigated many innovations and market settings so our clients can develop effective new products. When we need specialist knowledge on, for example, a packaging format, communication strategy, or approach to data analysis, we bring in our colleagues from Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University, or our wider international network of experts. Our multidisciplinary approach and access to experts from diverse subject groups means that we get the context and understand the solutions.

The Retail Institute’s member companies come from across the supply chain, including retailers, brand owners, packaging manufacturers and chemical producers. They all benefit from the range of perspectives within the network by making connections and learning about each other’s problems and solutions. Our members’ events provide the opportunity for people from different organisations to connect and discuss topics outside the regular setting of ‘doing business’. In addition, The Retail Institute’s partnerships with trade organisations widens our network and access to industry knowledge and practice. 


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